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Dying Inside

As I lie on my bed,
Your thoughts flood my head;
Your smile and your touch,
Oh I miss that so much.

I don't know why I still hope,
Its your hand I still want to grope;
I don't know why I still care,
Why do I pretend you're still there?

If only you knew,
That you were my breath and my glow;
You'd know what means high to you,
Is pushing me eternally low.

Not a second passes,
Without your thought;
Why is it this way?
Is that all I've got?

The more you move away,
The more I feel the pull;
You've overloaded my heart,
And made it completely full.

I don't know if this feeling,
Would ever come to an end;
Till then I just have to watch you,
And continue to pretend.

It continues to grow,
The love that you lit;
I watch you every second,
Do you ever feel it?

Life is torn apart,
Summed down to a shred;
With you so far away,
Every second I dread.

Noone can love you,
The way that I do;
I know you know this,
And you know its true.

I try to act normal,
Rules I try to abide;
Outside I'm all about the smiles,
While I'm crumbling and dying inside.