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Go Woman Go!

Katherine Bigelow wins the 'Best Director' and her movie, 'The Hurt Locker' won the 'Best Picture' award, as ex-husband James Cameron looked on. What a way to start the 'International Women's Day'. No, I'm not a feminist and surely not a hypocrisy laden one. It just feels nice when women are acknowledged. Women, the first sex, are the most under rated creations of God. They are the epitome of beauty, motherhood, care and concern. While men are still considered the bread winner of the family. Thank fully women are now not expected to spend their lives living in the shadow of a man. Glad that times have changed.

I absolutely love being a woman. Never have I ever regretted this fact. The tormenting yet amazing journey we go through is one thing I'd never trade off. A daughter, sister, friend, aunt (although I strictly prohibit my niece's and nephew's to not call me that), girl friend; I have cherished every moment of being a lady. If there is something called as rebirth, I'd love to be born as a woman every single time. The concern, care, the feelings that a woman feels can never be duplicated. Men also feel, true, and I thank God for creating them. But they are more practical while a woman thinks with her heart. Men are amazing creatures, actually I can spend a major portion of my life trying to decipher their thoughts. A woman is incomplete without a man, as he is without her. What would we do without men. Who would make us feel beautiful? Who would flatter you endlessly? Who would make you fall in love? Who would make you feel like a lady? Men are an integral part of every woman's life and I want it to stay that way. We have an identity cos of men and they because of us. No matter what, man and woman need to co-exist to have a good life together.

So today, I cherish the fact that I'm a woman and I look forward to additional roles that I will have to play. That of a wife, daughter-in-law, mother etc. Its been an amazing journey so far. Thank you God for this :-)