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Is it an absolute necessity that people should feel the same way you feel about them? If they do, then you are one hell of a lucky person. Very rarely, very very rarely, you find people like that. Take this for example, I'm head over heels in love with a guy who probably doesn't even care that I exist or not. Or this guy, who thinks that just because he is good looking and likes me, I need to have the hots for him. Puh-lease. WTF. Such things not for me. It feels so complicated at times. Do people actually understand each other the same way and feel the same way? Its not an absolute necessity though.

My best friend of more than 10 years is practically an extreme opposite of me. I love her for what she is and she loves me for the way I am. We have a great bonding, irrespective of our opinions. Its rare to find people like this in life. I'm blessed to have a quite a lot of people like that in my life, with whom I can act completely stupid(more often than not that's the way I am). There is no need to pretend or anything. I can be completely myself without the fear of them judging me. I never judge them and they don't too. I have this other friend with whom I disagree on every possible topic, but still we get along like a ball of fire. This is what mutual feelings should be like. Friendships survive only on this.

But when it comes to love, if its not mutual then its only denial. You live in denial that such a thing can never happen to you. How can he or she not love me? No, no that's impossible. Such things can never happen. This is denial. Denying to accept the truth. It takes great guts to come out of this. Finally I'm glad I'm out of it. The truth is out. Although it took me a long time to accept it, I did. And trust me, things seem much better now. Nothing better than accepting reality. Good or bad. I miss a few things yes, but well who doesn't.

There are times that I wish that the imprinting concept of Twilight was an actual real life thing. How cool, clear and uncomplicated that would be. For those who don't know what imprinting is, its a concept that comes in the third book of the Twilight series, 'Eclipse'. Its something like when a guy likes a girl or vice versa, he or she imprints on them. They automatically fall in love with the other. It has to be mutual though. You can't imprint on someone who hates you. Duhh.. Obviously. Its like after imprinting, the other person is etched on their minds, something like a mental connection that can never be broken. Once imprinted, they never even look at anyone else from the opposite sex. Simple eh?

It would have been so cool it it was a real concept. Just imagine how much that would have helped Tiger Woods and John Terry. Unless you dream of imprinting on filmstars and celebs. Hahaha what fun would that be. I would imprint on George Clooney or Enrique. Or Taylor Lautner. Its an irony that he is the one who gets to imprint in the movie. In real life though, no prizes for guessing whom I want to imprint on. Damn.. If only life was this simple. Again, not all wishes are meant to be fulfilled.

Sighh, if only Imprinting worked in real life. But what is life without a share of bad experiences eh? Bring on the storm God, for now I have learnt to sail my ship.

FYI, Imprinting can be done only once. Once done, you can never do it again. And no muliple imprints either. Just one. Hahaha sorry to disappoint a few people :P


  1. I liked this post :P And correct me if I am wrong, but I understood imprinting differently. The wolf imprints on his mate, and gives her everything-all the love she needs and more; that she wouldn't look beyond him, at anybody else..And yeah, it sure seems possible for you and me too-a guy doesn't need to imprint on you or me; if he is going to give me the world, I will follow him to the end of the world. Just that such guys simply DON'T exist in our world! We could hope for miracles, though :P
    p.s- Taylor Lautner sure is hot..mann! I googled him and he is younger than my younger bro. sigh*

  2. Thanks Gitanjali.. Yeah, when a guy imprints he gives her the world so that she cant see beyond him and so she automatically falls in love with him.. Yeah possible for me n you, but where are such guys?? Sometimes I seriously hope vampires and werewolves did exist!

    Oh Yeah Taylor Lautner is hot!! And yeah I got a heart attack when I found out that he was only 17.. Thats like 6 years younger to me.. Yikess, I felt like a cradle snatcher.. Sighh!!

  3. Man..I was mentally preparing my "Multiple people to Imprint" List while reading ur post until u had to douse the flames in the last para:-)

  4. Hahaha.. you did prove that you were among the 'Few people' I was talking about..


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