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The Longest Mile

When the world turns back,
Everything you seem to lack;
When you see nothing going right,
When you're only filled with fright,
Just close your eyes,
Take a deep breath,
This is only a bad mass;
Which is soon gonna pass.
Everything that happens,
Happens for a reason,
Times do change,
Just like the season;
Nothing is more important,
To you than you,
Life is a journey,
You just need to get through;
It wouldn't be fun enough,
If everything went perfect,
There has to be a few hits and misses,
To finally get to your wishes;
It is a fun filled voyage,
Fills you with experience,
Things you never learn elsewhere,
How to deal and play it fair;
You cannot sit back,
And wait for things to happen,
You need to give it a kick start,
Learn it and play smart;
At every corner,
Lies a test,
You need to clear it first,
And then you can rest.
Darkness only paves,
Way to see the light,
You need to be patient,
Cos dawn comes only after night;
The moon's always above,
Telling you that every dark has a light,
It follows you around,
Until everything is bright;
Stand strong and tall,
Against the thunderous rain,
A new day will come,
That will wash away the pain;
Love is like a candle,
Which burns forever once lit,
It only comes to those,
Who believe in it.
Its a wonderful voyage,
This thing called life,
Embrace it and smile,
You still need to go, the longest mile.


  1. u have no idea how much this means to me :) thanks girl

  2. This was the first thing i read in the morning at around 7 AM .. and filled my day with new hope in life.

    Im so glad you picked up such nice writing skills :)

  3. Thanks Dreamer... Glad you like my writing.. :)


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