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There's a place in your heart,
And I know that it is love,
Its pure, clear and precious,
Cos its sent from above;
Its a beautiful feeling,
Now, its only the beginning,
It soon will blossom,
And make you feel awesome;
It will give you such a high,
Will make you want to fly,
Gives you immense peace,
Day by day it does increase;
It shows you heaven,
Lingers always in the mind,
Its amazing, but once lost,
Its impossible to find;
Then comes the pain and the grief,
Solitude then becomes relief,
Tears you apart and sabotages you,
Happiness then slowly bids adieu;
But you need to be strong,
And let the pain flow,
Time never heals anything,
Make sure you know;
You may never find,
This wonderful feeling again,
But you're still alive,
So no need to complain;
Just watch and look close,
You'll see him in the heart,
Now that he's there,
Why cry that you're apart;
Its all a part of life,
Some get lucky, some end up like I,
Accept it as it comes,
Alone, you learn to fly.


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