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Mad Ad World

When it is not reality shows, the other thing that channels air is the homeshopping stuff. If you need to have a hilarious time, please please do watch it. I don't remember laughing so much for any of the comedy movies. Some ads just crack you up. A few examples of the stuff they sell.

1. Camera Pen : This is actually an innocent looking pen, with a camera embedded somewhere. It helps you record incidents without the other person realising it. Duh, obviously. Who the hell would think that the pen is actually a recording device? Here's the illustration of the ad.

Scene 1 : Wife crying. Tears oozing out from the eyes, but no emotions and the makeup remains intact. She says, "I doubt that my husband is having an affair. I need to find out but I have no means. Oh God, what am I supposed to do?". (Well, it doesn't sound half as bad when I translate it into English. You must listen to the hindi dialogues, you'll have a ball)

Scene 2 : Some voice talking to the wife. She seems unfazed by no person and only voice. Anyway the voice says "Don't worry sister, we are here to help you (Damn!). Presenting to you, the international "Camera Pen". Just give this to your husband and record his antics". The wife agrees and wipes away her tears. (Like she had another choice)

Scene 3 : The husband showering his wife with love and bidding goodbye to go to work. Wife gives him a coy smile and hands him the "pen". He keeps it in his pocket and leaves. The expression on the wife's face is priceless after this. I cant explain it.

Scene 4 : Husband walking around with some girl. Wife watching the live video at home and acting, yeah acting shocked. Surprisingly the girl in question is looking right into the camera. Oops sorry pen.

Scene 5 : Husband back at home and wife confronts him. You wont believe what happens next. The husband looks straight into the camera (not the pen one, the actual one used for shooting this pathetic ad) and says "I had lost my focus in life. I had moved to the wrong lane. But camera pen showed me the right path. Thank you Camera Pen". Aaaarggghhh..

And they live happily ever after. I have to, have to meet the creative head of this ad.

2. Nazar Kavach : I don't know the exact translation, but this is something you wear in the neck to ward of evil. The ad goes as follows.

Scene 1 : A beaming mother(mother 1) holds on to her son(son 1) as he receives the first price in something. The losing contestant(son 2) and his mother(mother 2) are standing in one corner sadly and watching this.

Scene 2 : Mother 2 visits mother 1's house. Acting completely innocent she puts nazar(the evil eye) on son 1. You can actually see a red ray of light coming out of her and striking the boy. Son 1 immediately falls sick. Immediately.

Scene 3 : Mother 1 is adviced to get nazar kavach for her son 1. Again, some random voice does the gyaan part.

Scene 4 : Mother 2 visits mother 1's place again. She looks at son 1 and tries to put nazar on him. But since the son 1 is wearing the nazar kavach pendant, the rays from her eyes falls on the pendant and gets reflected (believe it or not) back at her. Sighh.

These were only a few examples. You need to see the things they sell out there. Some hormonal essence perfume, which helps in attracting the opposite sex. Endless fairness creams, hair oils, shampoos, car dent repair system and more blah blah. They use actresses who have finished their term in the industry to promote them. Recently, I saw Manisha Koirala promoting some fairness cream. Poor Manisha, this is what happens when you do movies like 'Ek Choti Si Love Story'.