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Me in 50 points

I've been going through a pretty good phase oflate. Everything working in my favour and I have no complaints what so ever. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a note from my good friend EOE, which listed out random facts about her. So, I was like yeah how much do I know about myself. As I sat down and noted it, it turns out that I know quite a lot. Most of the things I usually wont think about. But considering the fact that my release was over today morning, I sat and pondered about myself. This is what I came up with.

1. I may look petite, but I'm real strong.
2. Given a choice between talking and eating, I'd go for talking any day. Can talk non stop and real fast. Very few can compete with me here.
3. I love books. Nothing like a big fat book to relax me. Particularly fiction and classics.
4. I can blog away to glory. I write exactly what I'm thinking at that time and I don't care if anyone reads it or not. I don't care if they get offended either.
5. I have the weakest heart ever. I'm probably the most emotional person anyone will come across.
6. I am extremely obsessed with my hair. I cringe everytime I have to get it trimmed.
7. I'm addicted to caffeine.
8. I am not the typical conventional girl. I can be extremely girly when I want to, and can turn into a tomboy in an instant. Most people I care about prefer the latter.
9. I love music. I have my own set of songs for every mood and I can listen to them over and over again.
10. I can get along with practically anyone.
11. If I like, love or hate someone, I stick to that feeling forever. However if people force me to move from the first and second to the third; It wont take long.
12. I am a very basic person. I choose to live in black and white.
13. I am probably the only girl(person) who has no qualms about being dusky and not fair.
14. I love sports. Unlike some guys and girls I know, I actively follow more than 3 kinds of sport. And yeah, outdoor ones.
15. Patience is my virtue. A learned skill.
16. I don't know swimming. One thing I'll master before I turn 25.
17. I have developed a new obsession for foreign languages. I'm trying to learn Portuguese currently.
18. Like a true lioness I'm very protective of the people I love.
19. I'm a shopaholic. Even if I'm broke I tend to shop. Anyway, what are credit cards for!
20. Presently, I have absolutely no room for a guy in my life.
21. I have more than ten people on my "People whom I can kill and getaway" list.
22. Even though I don't look like one, I'm a major foodie.
23. I can live on a staple diet of chicken.
24. I hate Pink.
24. I excel at writing love poetry irrespective of the fact that I'm in love or not.
25. I would never do anything, that I know would hurt a loved one.
26. I have mastered the art of blocking certain things(people) out of mind.
27. I am NOT a hypocrisy laden feminist.
28. I have a stunningly sharp memory. Especially when it comes to bad incidents.
29. I'm a sucker for romance.
30. I hate my job, but I love the people I work with.
31. I cry everytime I see Titanic.
32. I'm a great cook. Baking being my speciality.
33. Night is the life for me. I'm so not a morning person.
34. Nothing de-stresses me like an hour of working out.
35. I cannot stand fake and manipulative people.
36. I have dispensed a lot of people from my life. And I have no regrets.
37. I'm an eternal optimist. Hope and faith rules my world.
38. I loathe clingy people.
39. I believe in astrology.
40. I love watching Travel and Living.
41. I love dogs.
42. I'm totally turned on by wit.
43. I like compliments, but hate blatant flattery.
44. I cannot be an agony aunt. I can listen to your problems. But please don't expect me to come up with a solution.
45. Unlike other girls I can get along with girls pretty well. My best friend Priya, has been with me since 11 years.
46. I enjoy gossip and bit**ing.
47. I usually blog, facebook, or tweet from my office.
48. I cannot sugar coat my words. It may sting but that sure is an honest opinion.
49. No matter what, I will never let go of my parents. Not even for the world.
50. I'll obviously get married. With someone whom I can spend the rest of my life talking to.


  1. Awww..thats a sweet list.

    51.I can slay a thousand hearts with one sentence,eg Pt 20 :-)

  2. Oh well.. I don't care actually. I stick to my point..

  3. I'm totally turned on by wit , gud one :)

    i dont know if thats a complement or a balant flattery ;)


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