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Our Love Matters

I act like it doesn't matter,
When you mention another girls name;
Only I know what goes through me,
But you're not the one to blame.

It aches every part of me,
The thought of you with someone else;
The only image in my mind,
Is you being with myself.

I donno what to make of it,
These feelings and these tears;
I still have your smell in my senses,
And your voice in my ears.

They say lucky is the guy I love,
I donno what to say to that;
Cos I donno what you feel,
I would love to know but.

Refilling your position,
Is something I wont do;
Not that I cannot,
Just that I don't want to.

You study my reactions,
To know if I still feel hurt;
Do you know it kills me inside?
And tears just want to spurt.

I try to act strong,
Act like I don't care;
But when you are out of sight,
Comes out the pain that I can no longer bear.

You too put up a fairly good act,
Even though inside it shatters;
When will you ever understand,
In the end, Our love matters.


  1. hey this is one of d best poems I have ever so came from a gal who knows how to express emotions.Anywaz,I respect u for writing this.way to go..!!


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