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These are some of the shortcuts in messages or mails that I absolutely hate.

1. 'Ma' for 'My' - I mean its the same number of characters, and 'y' is much closer to 'm' than 'a'.

2. 'Wnt' for 'Want' and 'Wont' - The recipient is expected to make a wide guess regarding what the sender wants or wont do.

3. 'Luv' for 'Love' - When you are telling someone that you love them, the least you can do is get the word right.

4. 'Sry' for 'Sorry' - If you want to apologise, please do so whole heartedly and please use the whole word.

5. 'Tnx' for 'Thanks' - Again, another emotion chopped to take the feel out of it.

6. 'Gal' for 'Girl' - I don't mind the word much. Its only when people use it in a speech that bothers me.

7. '5n' for 'fine' - When someone sent me this for the first time, it took me more than a minute to figure out what that meant. When I ask someone how they are, the last thing I want is them shoving a number up my face.

8. 'S' for 'Yes' - Cant they type a 'ya' instead.

9. 'H r u' for 'How are you' - This one gets me boiling. Some people don't even bother to leave a space in between the characters.

10. 'Hpy Bday' for 'Happy Birthday' - This one will have the person thinking why was he/she ever born.

11. '@' for 'at' - Example: I'll meet you @ 8. Damn, people actually prefer to use 'shift' and '2' instead of 'a' and 't'. Weird.

The one shortcut that pisses the hell outa me is,

12. 'K' for 'Okay' or 'OK' - Aaaarghh.. How hard is it to type another character. If someone needs to piss me off, this is what they need to do.


  1. Oh 'Ma', oh 'Ma'! 'Tnx' for the forewarning. I 'Luv' me self & would think twice on provoking a 'Gal' Lion.

    And 'S', I do hereby pledge that I 'Wnt' use any of the aforementioned de-captivated words when commenting on your posts.

    PS:- Have my fingers crossed that you actually do not get pissed off after reading this. 'K'? :o)

  2. Aaargh.. Well first let me tell you Mr. Sandeep that you do an excellent job at provoking the Lioness..

    Well this is the only comment which contains the de-captivated words and is going to get published here.. Hope you stand by your pledge. Else, you too have a platform where I can display my provocation, and trust me I'm no less at it either... ;)

    Well about the pissed off part, we'll save that for later :0).. OKAY? :)

  3. later? wokay. & danks! i feel better already. :o)


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