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Happy Birthday

This year as you turn twenty four,
May joy and happiness open its door;
I pray that all your wishes come true,
And no troubles standing in a queue.

That bright smile on your face,
Needs to always remain;
May success come driving in,
And wash away all the pain.

May there be more music,
Exactly of your kind;
May you be healthy,
In body, soul and mind.

May there be more love,
More parties and madness;
May you get everything,
That can give you happiness.

May lord give you what you desire,
Let he not forget anything;
May there be more and more smiles,
And let the happy slogans ring.

Let the bull keep on charging,
Let it dance away and cheer;
Cos after a gruesome year,
Finally your day is here.

May you live long my dear,
Never ever bid adieu;
Be it this year or the next,
I'll be there to wish you.

I may only be a small person,
I may not blow you away;
But your day is my day too,
So honey, Wish you a very happy Birthday!