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All Leo's are more or less the same. Emotional fools. Leo's are supposed to be born to rule. But more often than not we end up like doormats and get ruled by others. The only thing filled in abundance in us Leo's is emotions which is ready to spill out even at the drop of a hat. We make mistakes, cry, learn and go ahead and make the same mistakes again. Yeah, we are stubborn creatures. But why stubborn for all the wrong reason. Stubborn enough not to let go of what you cant have, stubborn enough to not want what all you can have. Leo's are the centre of attraction yes, yet why do we crave attention from those few people who wouldn't care if we existed or not. Why do we stick on to something for a lifetime ruining the present and in turn the future.

We Leo's are born optimists, but shouldn't there be a limit for hope too. Generous : yes, but generous enough to give it all to one person and have nothing left for yourself. Clever : that clever enough to deeply fall into something and not know how to come out of it. Cheerful : yes we do appear cheerful to all around us even though we are slowly dying inside. Expressive : we express feeling in all possible ways and at all possible times. Be it good or bad. Warm hearted : our hearts are kind enough to let it be ruled by someone else.

Confident and Courageous : brave enough to be optimistic when everything around point towards pessimism. Energetic : emotionally drained out but still find the energy to drain out some more. Encouraging : the only thing we can give ourselves. Determined : to get it all even if we end up as utter losers. Noble and Loyal : Even after years you still want what you have always wanted. Gracious : gracious enough to let go off all the temptations in store. Friendly and fun : probably the best quality of being a Leo. Irrepressible : We are temptations personified. No one can escape the charisma of a Leo. No matter what, no one can replace a Leo. Good or bad, Leo's are Leo's. Romantic : Oh let me not get started on this. Love rules our lives and romance is the beginning of every rule.

This should be the universal quote of all Leo's. "I made a mistake, have learnt from it. But now I am ready for another mistake".