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Walking alone in the lane,
With the wind messing my mane;
I feel someone call out to me,
But when I turn, none I can see;
I feel someone watching me,
All through the day and the night;
I hear hushed whispers in my ear,
But I feel only warmth, no fear;
I can feel it all around,
But still can never see it;
It holds me close and tight,
Never lets me out of sight;
It feels my skin slowly,
Caresses' me like never before;
Plays with me teasing me,
Its as close as it can be;
It laughs with me,
Helps me wipe my tears;
Embraces me when I'm low,
Until it can see me glow;
I wondered what was this,
Then it struck me like a blow;
The thing that makes me feel so nice,
Can only be his shadow.


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