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The Secret

Its past 2.00 am on a Monday morning, and I'm wide awake with this stupid grin on my face. I don't know what I am feeling currently, but the feeling is surely not an unpleasant one. I don't feel happy, but I guess somewhere deep inside I'm content with what I have today. My mind set into motion and words began to flow. That's how I stumbled upon 'The Secret'. I'm finally pulling myself up, Slowly crawling out of the bottomless pit; As I'm leaving the troubles behind, I feel nice and I'm loving it. Couldn't believe that I could change, And become a much better person; But you have to do it someday, When you have a good enough reason. Let out the frustrations, Left behind the wrath and wrong; This tedious episode of my life, Has only made me more strong. Why worry about the future, Why dig into the past; When things can't be undone, Why stick on to it till the last? Never bottle up the feelings, Good or bad, let it flow; Get it out of your

Things that never cross a man's mind

Okay I'm not saying this. Its a song I found, with awesome lyrics :D I need to go shopping These shoes are all wrong Just look in my closet Not a thing to put on I wonder how these jeans make me look from behind Things that never cross a man's mind Lets turn off the TV Now can't we just talk Lets lay here and cuddle Till we both drift off If we don't make love That'll be just fine Things that never cross a man's mind That joke is too dirty This steak is too thick Ain't no way in the world I'll ever finish it That car is too fast This beer is too cold And watching all this football is sure getting old Wish I was working this weekend Not on the lake threading my line Things that never cross a man's mind Her lips are too red Her skirt is too tight Her legs are too long And her heels are too high Boy, she looks like the marrying kind Things that never cross a man's mind That joke is too dirty This steak is too thick Ain't no way in the world I

I wanna go boom boom

My silliest post till date. I don't know what I was thinking, but after reading this I feel real nice :D As I open my eyes, With a wide smile on my face; As the bright sun fills my room, I just wanna go boom boom. When things go my way, I feel like a powerful witch; I wish I could fly away on my broom, And then happily go boom boom. Things have been getting better, Day by day I feel nice; There is only light and no more gloom, That's why I wanna go boom boom. The pain has settled, Joy is appearing at the horizon; I can see happiness in full zoom, Enough reasons to go boom boom. I feel complete and satiated, Filled with life and love; I feel like a flower in full bloom, Why shouldn't I go boom boom? I'm seeing things right, Wrong things I have left; I'm not gonna let myself doom, I want to be strong and go boom boom. A day will come, When I'll have the perfect man by my side; Right now I donno its gonna be whom, But when he comes, together we'll go boom boom.

I walk Alone

I dream. I'm elated when they come true, and I'm disappointed when they don't. Well, I'm the only one getting affected by it. Who else is gonna be aware of what I want? Sitting back and looking at life, I realise that each one is all alone. We come alone and we go alone. And the journey in between is also meant to be spent alone. Whoever said 'Each one to its own' is so damn right. Life's been good these days. Well, there has been a few glitches here and there, but life has kinda been stable. I've learnt to accept things and I've learnt that that's the only way and the best way you can deal with things. Again its something that I've learnt, but noone will understand why I am, the way I am. That's all well within me. I have a great bunch of friends and a lot of people in my life. I know the ones who love me, the one who don't, the ones who pretend to and the ones who pretend not to. Friends are the best form of distraction life can giv

Love, Hope & Life

Hope can make you feel good, How it works you just can't say; Just be aware that, It may never go the right way. Love and life are really unfair, May show you heaven and the next day hell; When, the tables turn around, Is something you can never tell. People walk in, people walk out, We cannot control any of it; Each one chooses their own path, They decide where they want to fit. Love is a compromise, That both need to understand; Need to stand by each other, To walk together hand in hand. Nothing's black or white, Every thing is a shade of gray; Things may get better, Again, they never may. Addiction kills, It can be a 'what' or a 'who'; Some people are like a drug, Without them, you just can't do. If you don't have what you want, If you know something you can't get; Learn to live without it, Not necessary that you need to forget. At the end of the day, Everyone is gonna hurt you; You just have to find the ones, Who are worth getting hurt for.

Doesn't Fly too High

Apart from the two kites soaring in the sky before the beginning credentials, I don't see why this movie is called 'Kites'. Right from the title, the plot, the music, to the cast this movie is all wrong. Read on. The Present : A wounded Hrithik, oh wait he's called 'J' in the movie, is left all wounded in a hay filled cabin in a train. The movie starts with him tumbling down the cabin. And like most cliches', before we know, someone finds him, removes the bullets from his body, and he's back on his limping feet looking for the love of his life. The Past : Hrithik is a stunning looking dance teacher in Vegas, who also makes a living out of marrying women to get them a green card in return for money. So he's married 10 of them until now and Miss Mori turns out to be the lucky 11th. He marries her, gets her a green card and then she disappears. This part remains unexplained in the movie. The Present : After walking miles in a desert without even a drop

I'm Still ME

I may not be the regular girl, I can't giggle and act coy; Differently things I see, But I'm still me. I may be curt and frank, I may be blunt at times, My words may sting strong like a bee, But I'm still me. I'm a changed person, Have left a lot behind; I'm as honest as I can be, But I'm still me. I can't blush nor feel shy, To please someone I cannot lie; I can never get weak in the knee, But I'm still me. I'm bold and not girly, I don't go "so cute" on everything; I can't get along with every 'she', But I'm still me. I hate watching rom-coms, Cinderella stuff not for me; I don't care if it is fun or free, But I'm still me. I'm a hardcore Leo, But I don't need luxury and pride; Small things can give me huge amounts of glee, But I'm still me. I'm crazy and insane, A practical romantic fool; My life may revolve around a certain 'he', But I'm still me. I'm also a simple girl, Who ju

The Reader

Boon or Bane I'll never understand .. I never judge people. I have never felt the need to do so. Especially after a few drastic judgements I made a coupla years ago, I choose not to. People are the way they are. It all depends on how you see them. I always thought that when I judge people, I do it right. Turns out, I don't. So I'm not making the same mistakes again. Just going with the flow and taking it as it comes. I have a lot of friends, but a very few close ones. I call them close because they understand me just like the way I do. I can actually read the minds of my best friends. Well, almost. Its good at times but more often than not its scary. These people are really close to my heart and I know what their each reaction, each word means. I can guess what the other person is going through, just by looking at a text/mail he/she sends. No its not obviously mentioned in the text/mail. Its just the vibe you feel when you read it. It need not be pleasant always. Its pathet

Today, Tomorrow & Everyday

I could start a fire, With my temper flares; You bore them silently, Without giving me glares. You just kissed my forehead, And held my hand; Oh why dint I get it then, Why dint I understand? Today, I'm a figure of calmth, Only with some necessary warmth; I hold on to my cool, So that I don't end up a fool. I know everyone has a point, I've learnt to respect it; Finally in the patient world, I've begun to fit. I never wanted to think, What the other person feels; I wanted things my way, Not bothering if it hurts or heals. You tried your best, To explain things to me; I failed to listen, And I failed to see. But today I understand, Everyone feels the hurt and pain; I don't want to be inflicting it, I want to shower love like rain. I see both the sides, I accept the right when I'm wrong; When people love the way I am today, I cant help but feel more strong. I could never laugh at myself, I could never take a joke; Yet you loved me the way I was, And stood strong l


Life has become such that, Happiness now scares and taunts; What if it envelopes me now, And later it comes back and haunts. You don't think of happiness, When your trying so hard to montage; You're scared to embrace it, Fearing it might turn into a mirage. When you've compromised with your life, And don't let anything affect you; It comes as a shocking surprise, When somethings actually do. People are addictive, Call it like, love or hate; You just cant seem to let go, And you end up being the bait. You never know how strong you are, Until that's the only option you've got; At that time even a speck of happiness, Is gonna seem like an awful lot. Happiness is what you feel, Its not something you can choose; You may have lost hope on the gain, But still you have plenty to lose. You may hurt people, Knowing that you don't want to; Even though its hurting you inside, At times, its something you have to do. Life gives you so much crap, That joy is the last thing

I Love You, Maa

Mom's are the people who have been taken for granted the most. Well everyone loves their mother, but how often do we say it? They brought us up, taught us everything we know today. In short we owe our life to them. Still, how many of us sit and think about the most important person in our life? We expect her to do everything for us. Cook us our favourite meal, keep our clothes neat and ready, be around us when we are ill, and take care of us in every possible way. She does it. Every single day, she does it. Then why don't we ever thank her for what she has done for us? I'm the youngest daughter in my house. Considering the fact that we are two sisters at home, my parents always brought me up like a son. I was pampered and spoilt, like every other younger child. But my Mom kept me in check all the time. I was given every possible thing I asked for, be she saw to it that I took care of it well. She taught me the value of things and people. She isn't extremely well educate

Thoughts Become Things

I write down the lines that appeal to me when I read. Just went through the list, and found these that had to be mentioned here. The sources are many books and not just one. But I do know which line came from which book. I'm just not gonna boast about it here :D. -- Relationships have nothing to do with smart judgement. Sometimes you just have to get hurt. -- You cannot prevent what you cannot predict. -- The past is sometimes a very good place to live. Sometimes. -- Nothing from the past is going to affect me, except in the way I want it to. -- You cant go on being looked after all your life. Things happen to you and you've got to bear them. -- Sometimes the best thing you can do when you find love again, is to walk away. -- You're somewhere in the middle of friends and then you suddenly look at their faces and they're not friends anymore. They're different people, but each one is pretending. -- Perhaps you cant trust anybody, perhaps everybody's a stranger. --