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I wanna go boom boom

My silliest post till date. I don't know what I was thinking, but after reading this I feel real nice :D

As I open my eyes,
With a wide smile on my face;
As the bright sun fills my room,
I just wanna go boom boom.

When things go my way,
I feel like a powerful witch;
I wish I could fly away on my broom,
And then happily go boom boom.

Things have been getting better,
Day by day I feel nice;
There is only light and no more gloom,
That's why I wanna go boom boom.

The pain has settled,
Joy is appearing at the horizon;
I can see happiness in full zoom,
Enough reasons to go boom boom.

I feel complete and satiated,
Filled with life and love;
I feel like a flower in full bloom,
Why shouldn't I go boom boom?

I'm seeing things right,
Wrong things I have left;
I'm not gonna let myself doom,
I want to be strong and go boom boom.

A day will come,
When I'll have the perfect man by my side;
Right now I donno its gonna be whom,
But when he comes, together we'll go boom boom.

:D :D :D


  1. Yay guys, Boom Boom indeed!! :D

  2. You have definitely gone boom boom in your head:-)but its nice to see a sillier you.Its good to put aside the crucifix for a while:-)Sillest post? Naa...There have been sillier posts:-)
    Nice preppy poem,makes you wanna get up and shake a leg:-)

  3. Ohh look who finally decided to comment :-)..
    I know most of the posts have been silly, but I guess this has been the sillest, and as usual you have to disagree :-)

    I'm glad that you liked it and make sure I'm around when you get up to shake that leg :D

  4. and the world shall go BOOM with you! :)


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