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I'm Still ME

I may not be the regular girl,
I can't giggle and act coy;
Differently things I see,
But I'm still me.

I may be curt and frank,
I may be blunt at times,
My words may sting strong like a bee,
But I'm still me.

I'm a changed person,
Have left a lot behind;
I'm as honest as I can be,
But I'm still me.

I can't blush nor feel shy,
To please someone I cannot lie;
I can never get weak in the knee,
But I'm still me.

I'm bold and not girly,
I don't go "so cute" on everything;
I can't get along with every 'she',
But I'm still me.

I hate watching rom-coms,
Cinderella stuff not for me;
I don't care if it is fun or free,
But I'm still me.

I'm a hardcore Leo,
But I don't need luxury and pride;
Small things can give me huge amounts of glee,
But I'm still me.

I'm crazy and insane,
A practical romantic fool;
My life may revolve around a certain 'he',
But I'm still me.

I'm also a simple girl,
Who just wants to be loved;
To everyone I might not agree,
But I'm still me.

Love means the world to me,
And my parents are my strength,
They stand by me strong like a tree,
That's why, I'm still me.


  1. Biopic in a poem.It cant get better than this:-)

  2. Seriously... this can be my autobiography right? :)


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