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Love, Hope & Life

Hope can make you feel good,
How it works you just can't say;
Just be aware that,
It may never go the right way.

Love and life are really unfair,
May show you heaven and the next day hell;
When, the tables turn around,
Is something you can never tell.

People walk in, people walk out,
We cannot control any of it;
Each one chooses their own path,
They decide where they want to fit.

Love is a compromise,
That both need to understand;
Need to stand by each other,
To walk together hand in hand.

Nothing's black or white,
Every thing is a shade of gray;
Things may get better,
Again, they never may.

Addiction kills,
It can be a 'what' or a 'who';
Some people are like a drug,
Without them, you just can't do.

If you don't have what you want,
If you know something you can't get;
Learn to live without it,
Not necessary that you need to forget.

At the end of the day,
Everyone is gonna hurt you;
You just have to find the ones,
Who are worth getting hurt for.


  1. i'm pretty sure you have found the people 'Who are worth getting hurt for'.

    and as always, nice write!

  2. Thanks Sandeep..

    I found a few :)


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