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Life has become such that,
Happiness now scares and taunts;
What if it envelopes me now,
And later it comes back and haunts.

You don't think of happiness,
When your trying so hard to montage;
You're scared to embrace it,
Fearing it might turn into a mirage.

When you've compromised with your life,
And don't let anything affect you;
It comes as a shocking surprise,
When somethings actually do.

People are addictive,
Call it like, love or hate;
You just cant seem to let go,
And you end up being the bait.

You never know how strong you are,
Until that's the only option you've got;
At that time even a speck of happiness,
Is gonna seem like an awful lot.

Happiness is what you feel,
Its not something you can choose;
You may have lost hope on the gain,
But still you have plenty to lose.

You may hurt people,
Knowing that you don't want to;
Even though its hurting you inside,
At times, its something you have to do.

Life gives you so much crap,
That joy is the last thing on the mind;
But now it seems to be changing,
Finally life is being kind.

The day seems to be nearing,
When this mirage gets to be true;
I hope it stays and never leaves,
Painting life a bright hue.