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The Secret

Its past 2.00 am on a Monday morning, and I'm wide awake with this stupid grin on my face. I don't know what I am feeling currently, but the feeling is surely not an unpleasant one. I don't feel happy, but I guess somewhere deep inside I'm content with what I have today. My mind set into motion and words began to flow. That's how I stumbled upon 'The Secret'.

I'm finally pulling myself up,
Slowly crawling out of the bottomless pit;
As I'm leaving the troubles behind,
I feel nice and I'm loving it.

Couldn't believe that I could change,
And become a much better person;
But you have to do it someday,
When you have a good enough reason.

Let out the frustrations,
Left behind the wrath and wrong;
This tedious episode of my life,
Has only made me more strong.

Why worry about the future,
Why dig into the past;
When things can't be undone,
Why stick on to it till the last?

Never bottle up the feelings,
Good or bad, let it flow;
Get it out of your system,
Then the difference you'll know.

Beneath every one's veneer,
Is hidden a deep secret;
Some run away from it,
And some choose to live in regret.

The secret to good living is,
Letting life take its course;
Find happiness within yourself,
Make yourself the source.

No excuse is strong enough,
If it keeps you from getting all what you want;
Cos if you let go of it now,
You may regret later and it may haunt.

The secret I now know is that,
What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger;
It is the change you wanted to see in yourself,
And it makes you want to live longer.


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