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How do we bond with people? How do you check if the frequencies match? What is compatibility? In simple words, what can you talk about to connect with someone. I can connect with someone with any one of the following. 1. Misery. You're going through the same hell as I am, and can understand how I feel, you have all chances of being my next BFF. 2. Books. Nothing like discussing the writing of your favourite authors. 3. Food. This is the one bond I crave for the most. I'm a foodie and I love to talk about food. I'm also known to dissect the food and butt in with my not so wanted opinion. 4. Fashion. Latest trends, colours, fittings, products etc etc. 5. Music. Discuss different genres and give an honest opinion as to what you think. If you can sing or play an instrument, thumbs up! 6. Movies. I like off beat movies, so someone with similar tastes comes out golden. 7. Poetry. Hardly found anyone who fancies poetry the way I do. Perfectly rhymed words, sends a chill down my sp


Obsessions. I often wonder how this one can be incorporated into the seven deadly sins. They are crazy, take over your existence, drive you to extremes and then slowly squeeze the life out of you. Yet I don't think there is a single person out there without any obsession. Its dangerous, yet something to live for. Madness takes a whole new meaning while you try to deal with them. Obsessions also form the main reason for distraction from the routine life, they act like a boon at times. But when you decide to deal with them its a trip down hell. I'm an obsessive freak yes. I'm obsessed with cleanliness, books, love poetry, trance music, good food, my hair, the colours black and white, inclusion and a single being. Is there a way to deal with it? I think not. As non- sensical as it may sound, my obsessions also form the sole reason for my existence.

Why and How

I decide to never think of you, But that is something I can never do; Even when life is filled with everything new, Somewhere in some corner I find you. I'm trying to be strong, Doing everything to get you apart; But once I listen to your voice, It goes straight and melts my heart. I'm satiated and happy inside, Life is good even when you and I are not "us"; But I can't help but know that, Together, we shall always be a plus. Its kinda funny cos I have no complaints, Yet I seem to want something that I can't get; At times I'm not too sure if I actually want it, But it always is one thing that I can never forget. I try not to have you in my mind, Yet, I pray for you every time I kneel; Even when I'm in the happiest of moments, I can't help but think how you feel. I try not to feel this way, But why does it hurt when you treat me bad; Why do I rejoice in your happiness, Why do I shed a tear when you're sad. Every single thing in my life, Reminds


For me, Insanity is probably the best state of mind to be in. I'm a hedonist alright, but this tiny portion of my brain where only insanity prevails is the one to give me the most pleasure. Its this place inside me where very few people are allowed and hardly a bunch of people get to see this side of me. Everyone knows by now that I'm not the typical Indian female. Having said that, there is nothing great about me either. Someone once told me that being different can also mean being weird. So be it! Although, there is something quirky, mysterious and equally annoying about me that tends to attract people. My friend once told me that he just loves me for the fact that he knows that there is always something going on in my mind. Apparently, it attracts him to me. Well what do I say, as long as it works for me! :-) My mind has been a roller coaster always but finally I'm getting the twists and turns right. I like this care free state I'm currently in. Frankly, of late noth

Painful Inception

Finally I'm out of bed and kicking. I've been extremely sick for the past week and that has left me rusted. Trust me I can actually hear a faint creak when I try to move my hand or leg. One week, locked up at home with nothing to do but sleep. Thankfully I had my mom around me else knowing the way my brain works I'd surely be dead by now. I dint even have the strength to get up and read a book, so all I could do was lie down and look at the fan swirling above me and think. Thankfully nothing bad this time. Life sure has improved :-) Right before I fell sick, I saw the movie 'Inception'. That day probably is one the most memorable days of my life. Even though a lot of thoughts were incepted into my mind and I was in a hell a lot of pain, the thought of that day brings a smile. The movie is good. Nothing great. Okay before I get belted let me tell you why I feel so. 'Inception' dint play with my mind the way other Christopher Nolan movies did (minus 'The D


The art of living, Is a mix of letting go and holding on; There is no point in crying for something, That has already been gone. Believe that life's worth living, The belief will help make it a fact; Be honest to yourself throughout, Its not worth it if you put up an act. Do not dwell in the past, Do not dream about the future; Concentrate on the present, Give it love and let it nurture. You still are alive and kicking, Your mission on earth is not yet complete; Only the zest to live with keep you going, Just hold on and don't let it deplete. Its not the length of life that matters, Its always been the depth of it; Life is not about holding good cards, Its about playing them well so they fit. Life is like a dream for the wise, For a fool, its a game for sure; Its something fun for the rich, And its like misery to the poor. Life is like a series of collisions, Some strike right and some don't; Life still remains the best therapist, Some may believe it and some wont. Never ac

Without You

The birds still chirp, The sun continues to shine; I can feel the happiness inside, There are no tears and no more whine. My smile now reaches my eye, If I had wings, I would fly; There is fun and laughter everywhere, Love, for sure is meant to share. My eyes do feel brighter, And life does seem lighter; Everything seems to go my way, No more needles and no more hay. Pride can stand a thousand trials, But if you're strong you'll never fall; So its best to face the wind, And against the rain, stand tall. But even with the perfect life, There still seems to be a gap; Sometimes even a speck of nostalgia, Can make you feel like utter crap. It takes two to whisper quietly, That's when the awkward silence kills; When I sense the lost love around, Feelings churn and then silently spills. All is well until the realisation dawns, That's when all seems like drags and yawns; There maybe joy standing in a queue, Still, life lacks lustre without you.

Of Men and Women

So, the quote syndrome is back. And how :-). Everything below needs to be taken positively and with a pinch of salt! The post is really long so apologies. Actually no, it had to be long to include both the sexes :P. Men ------ A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him. ~Mae Wes My theory is that men are no more liberated than women. ~Indira Gandhi Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then. ~Katharine Hepburn I want a man who's kind and understanding. Is that too much to ask of a millionaire? ~Zsa Zsa Gabor If men can run the world, why can't they stop wearing neckties? How intelligent is it to start the day by tying a little noose around your neck? ~Linda Ellerbee You [men] are not our protectors.... If you were, who would there be to protect us from? ~Mary Edwards Walker Boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle-aged men. ~Frank McKinney &


Each man kills the thing he loves, Let this be by each heard; Some do it with a sword, Some do it with a smiling word! -- William Shakespeare.

Heart Breaker

I know you're being honest, I know that you seriously care; But how do I make you understand? That I'm never gonna get there. You make me feel precious, But if I'd known it from the start; I'd have walked away right then, Cos I dint want to break your heart. When you say "I Love You", I know you just want to share; But the place where I am now, Trust me, I can't afford to care. Call me heart breaker if you want, I might just tear you apart; But when it comes to love, You need to be sure and act smart. I'm not gonna deceive you, Its not easy for me either; Its better to hurt a little now, Rather than kill later. I've had the taste of perfection, So now nothing else I can see; You are great the way you are, But you're surely not meant for me. I know how much it hurts, Cos my heart's been broken too; But this damned feeling fails to cease, I can still love him with each of my piece. I know I'm being very cold, But its tough for me to love

Hope.. And a li'l Sugar

She always stays by you, No matter how many times you fail; She's always humble and positive, And is as holy as the grail. She gives you a reason to live, She makes you wanna give it a shot; She always hovers around in the mind, Whether you want her around or not. She doesn't promise you anything, But she sure makes you forget the pain; If you decide to stand by her, She wont let your efforts go in vain. She has this strange funny way, Of making you believe in her; She makes you see things right, When all you can see is a blur. Together with her counterpart, She lifts you and helps you to cope; If he's called Faith, Then she's called Hope. She's like a hot summer, In the middle of cold winter; She's like the hard shelled coconut, With a surprise soft centre. She'll get you, what you want; But she makes you put in a strife; She's like a little sugar, In the bitter sweet pudding called life.

The 24th List

Oh boy, so we're back here. Its a month for my birthday and its time for my checklist. Damn it, I so remember writing the check list for last year. It just seemed like yesterday and look now, its been a year since that. Time does fly at times. But this time there is a difference. Last year I kept cribbing about the fact that I'm growing old and why the hype about Birthdays and all that. But today, I'm actually looking forward for the day I turn 24. I don't mind that anymore. Within last August and this one, I've grown so much that I'm actually surprised that I'm not turning 26 or 27 :P. Feels nice to grow old for a change. So before I pen down this year's list here's a check on last year's list . 1) I figured out that I don't have the balls to just quit what I am doing and try out some other arena. I have responsibilities and I can't wander around. Moreover, I've made peace with whatever I'm doing now. Plus, I have my blog to emb

The thing called Bliss

Feelings. Sigh. I'm loaded with them and the best part is that I never fail to show them. If I like someone I go way beyond my reach to care for that person and when I hate someone then they immediately are off my life. The hate part wasn't like this until sometime ago, but now trust me, thats the best. As they say, good riddance to bad rubbish. Over the past 3-4 months, many people have walked out of my life. Honestly, it hurts. But its best not to care. They were never worth it anyway. Okay, I was talking about feelings. I get drifted apart so easily, damn it. So, feelings, no not the regular ghisa-pita ones. Love, anger, pain, have felt this many times. But there are certain silly feelings which are top-notch. I call them bliss. Like : The thing you feel when you're snuggled up under the blanket, knowing that you don't have to get up for work. The thing you feel when a smile lights up the face of the person you love. The thing you feel when you smell a hot steaming c


Does she look at you the way I do? Does she make you feel the way I did? Do you feel the same comfort with her? Does she know when to act stupid? Can she make you feel precious? Does she know what she has? How does she react to what you say? Is she always smooth or is she rash? Does she smile when you sing for her? Can she feel the pleasure it gives? Do her toes curl when you touch her? Does she tremble when you kiss her lips? Can you see the love in her eyes? Can she be naughty as well as nice? Can see leave the world for you? Is she dumb or is she wise? Does she think you are her life? Does she want to be your wife? Will she love you forever? Will she hold on and leave you never? How often does she think of you? What can she do for you? Can she love you from a distance? Can she change herself from old to new? Does she laugh at your silly acts? Does she believe you even without facts? Can she read your every thought? Will she take the first step when you've fought? Is she willing


Somebody wants you, Somebody needs you, Somebody wants to see you smile; Somebody loves you, Somebody adores you, For you, somebody can walk the extra mile. Somebody wants to see you everyday, Somebody wants to hear you at noon, Somebody dreams of you every night; Somebody always misses you, Somebody wants to kiss you, Somebody wants to hold you close and tight. Somebody wants to mend broken things, Without you, somebody's life stings, Somebody prays only for you; Somebody has you stored in memory, Somebody is crazy about you, Somebody who is old and not new. Somebody craves for your touch, Somebody loves you so much, Somebody wants you to see; Somebody just hopes that, Someday you will realise, That somebody's me!

The Noose

The latest victim was Viveka Babajee. I don't know what goes through a person's mind when he/she decides to kill him/herself. Its either a moment of fury or the last resort for a hapless soul. Come on, how bad can life get? In my opinion the people who opt for suicide are the most selfish people on earth. They can't tolerate a few things and give up, leaving their loved ones to tolerate more crap than what they had in their life. And that too for the most lamest of reasons, "A failed Relationship". If every soul who has had a failed relationship decided to kill themself, then probably the world will have only of 25% of its current population. Each one should know only one thing, "Nothing, absolutely nothing is worth giving up your life". Not a thing, not a person. Relationships never have a shelf life. Some last for ever and some shatter very early. Its all a part of life. I know its really hard to handle a broken relationship, but its not impossible. It