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Heart Breaker

I know you're being honest,
I know that you seriously care;
But how do I make you understand?
That I'm never gonna get there.

You make me feel precious,
But if I'd known it from the start;
I'd have walked away right then,
Cos I dint want to break your heart.

When you say "I Love You",
I know you just want to share;
But the place where I am now,
Trust me, I can't afford to care.

Call me heart breaker if you want,
I might just tear you apart;
But when it comes to love,
You need to be sure and act smart.

I'm not gonna deceive you,
Its not easy for me either;
Its better to hurt a little now,
Rather than kill later.

I've had the taste of perfection,
So now nothing else I can see;
You are great the way you are,
But you're surely not meant for me.

I know how much it hurts,
Cos my heart's been broken too;
But this damned feeling fails to cease,
I can still love him with each of my piece.

I know I'm being very cold,
But its tough for me to love again;
Cos I know it for myself,
That I'll always be in love with someone else.