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The Noose

The latest victim was Viveka Babajee. I don't know what goes through a person's mind when he/she decides to kill him/herself. Its either a moment of fury or the last resort for a hapless soul. Come on, how bad can life get? In my opinion the people who opt for suicide are the most selfish people on earth. They can't tolerate a few things and give up, leaving their loved ones to tolerate more crap than what they had in their life. And that too for the most lamest of reasons, "A failed Relationship". If every soul who has had a failed relationship decided to kill themself, then probably the world will have only of 25% of its current population. Each one should know only one thing, "Nothing, absolutely nothing is worth giving up your life". Not a thing, not a person.

Relationships never have a shelf life. Some last for ever and some shatter very early. Its all a part of life. I know its really hard to handle a broken relationship, but its not impossible. Its all about how you take it. I'm still in the process of healing and most importantly I'm alive! I wont lie, I have thought about this goddamned option way too many times, but I didn't have the nerve to implement it. The faces of my parents and my friends flash in front of me, even when such a negative thought comes into my mind. When you learn to get past that phase, the rest of it is less hard. Now, I wouldn't think of giving up my life for anything or anyone. Hell yeah, its my life and I love it. I have more than enough people in my life who love me and more than enough good relationships.

A failed relationship does not only mean that of Love. It can be the one with parents, your children or your friends. When all the other relationships are alive and kicking, I don't see the point in giving up for the one path, gone terribly wrong. I know its wrecks your life, fu*** your mind and breaks you from within. But still you need to hold on. Giving up means insulting your life and God, who gave you that life. Things don't remain bad all the time. The clock ticks on and the sun does shine. One thing I can vouch for. If you have successfully got past this phase of life, then trust me nothing else is difficult for you. Life will sail on smoothly, because after this nothing else comes close to terrible.

Nafisa Joesph, Kuljeet Randhawa and now Viveka Babajee, three successful women, amazingly beautiful, famous and they could have had everything they wanted. Only if they had held on to life and believed in hope. Its sad, really sad that they gave up. The men for whom they killed themselves must be feeling so powerful. I don't blame them. Why give someone such power over yourself? I feel pathetic when I read such things. Is this how life is supposed to be? To come to the grand finale on a noose? Well, not mine atleast.

"Before you give up, think of all the reasons for which you held on for so long".


  1. You're smiling for this depressing post?

  2. I agree suicide is a lame option,but you can't say those people are selfish.
    Even in your case,you at least did think of it!And that is the first step.It then depends upon the intensity of matter and in that critical time,our mind is not programmed to analyze the situations.And for many people,there is a time,things cant get worse.Not everyone has this ability to cope with it.Anyway,nice article.

  3. is among the most irrational of human behaviors as people dont kill themselves over other failed relationships The intoxication of new love mellows with time,Sadly Viveka was not there yet...Its really silly..come to think of give someone that much power over you...but alas 'in retrospect' doesnt apply to these people.

  4. @Stranger, I stopped in time, cos I wasnt that selfish. The thought crossed my mind cos I was foolish.. Well, everyone has an opinion and I respect yours.. Thanks anyway..

  5. @Aru, I know only Love can make you want to do that! Thats the saddest part.. I probably am not the best person to talk about not giving someone the power over you part.. So, no comments about the 'in retrospect' part..


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