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Does she look at you the way I do?
Does she make you feel the way I did?
Do you feel the same comfort with her?
Does she know when to act stupid?

Can she make you feel precious?
Does she know what she has?
How does she react to what you say?
Is she always smooth or is she rash?

Does she smile when you sing for her?
Can she feel the pleasure it gives?
Do her toes curl when you touch her?
Does she tremble when you kiss her lips?

Can you see the love in her eyes?
Can she be naughty as well as nice?
Can see leave the world for you?
Is she dumb or is she wise?

Does she think you are her life?
Does she want to be your wife?
Will she love you forever?
Will she hold on and leave you never?

How often does she think of you?
What can she do for you?
Can she love you from a distance?
Can she change herself from old to new?

Does she laugh at your silly acts?
Does she believe you even without facts?
Can she read your every thought?
Will she take the first step when you've fought?

Is she willing to take you as you are?
Or does she want you to change for her?
Can she lose herself for you?
Does her each breath say 'I Love You'?


  1. awesome!you've got the skills lady! :)

  2. Thanks.. You figured that out now? :P

  3. Wooah.. a whole lot of questions:-)

  4. Sounds like a checklist:-) A bit too long in fact...
    Cant say 'awesome' but the word play in some stanza's is definitely good:-)

  5. did you happen to say your brain is 'exercised' when you read my blog? cos what i just read here kinda, er how do you say it, 'sftttttt' my grey matter! :)

    and you know what, i actually was thinking of writing a post quite similar to this!! freaky, hehe.

  6. @Aru, see I published both :). A whole lot of questions yes, and a bit too long maybe.. But the questions are simple and every question has the same answer..

  7. @Sandeep, hahaha what goes around..... :P
    Similar kind eh? Freaky yes, but write one.. Cammon, lets compete!

  8. all right you are on! but gotta tell ya, i'd take ages to come up with one!! :P

  9. Aaargh, Damn.. Just when I thought I had serious competition regarding the grey matter.. ;)


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