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Somebody wants you,
Somebody needs you,
Somebody wants to see you smile;
Somebody loves you,
Somebody adores you,
For you, somebody can walk the extra mile.

Somebody wants to see you everyday,
Somebody wants to hear you at noon,
Somebody dreams of you every night;
Somebody always misses you,
Somebody wants to kiss you,
Somebody wants to hold you close and tight.

Somebody wants to mend broken things,
Without you, somebody's life stings,
Somebody prays only for you;
Somebody has you stored in memory,
Somebody is crazy about you,
Somebody who is old and not new.

Somebody craves for your touch,
Somebody loves you so much,
Somebody wants you to see;
Somebody just hopes that,
Someday you will realise,
That somebody's me!


  1. that somebody has got a lot going on in that head of hers! phew.

  2. Oh believe me, a lot going on in the head! :D

  3. zee!! doesn your brain ever go sfffttt??? :D

  4. LOL... No, this one is ON!! forever :D


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