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Why and How

I decide to never think of you,
But that is something I can never do;
Even when life is filled with everything new,
Somewhere in some corner I find you.

I'm trying to be strong,
Doing everything to get you apart;
But once I listen to your voice,
It goes straight and melts my heart.

I'm satiated and happy inside,
Life is good even when you and I are not "us";
But I can't help but know that,
Together, we shall always be a plus.

Its kinda funny cos I have no complaints,
Yet I seem to want something that I can't get;
At times I'm not too sure if I actually want it,
But it always is one thing that I can never forget.

I try not to have you in my mind,
Yet, I pray for you every time I kneel;
Even when I'm in the happiest of moments,
I can't help but think how you feel.

I try not to feel this way,
But why does it hurt when you treat me bad;
Why do I rejoice in your happiness,
Why do I shed a tear when you're sad.

Every single thing in my life,
Reminds me in someway about you;
But when I have decided to let go,
Why is it that I can't think beyond you.

I'm used to the present happenings,
Now I even don't feel blue;
But, how do I get you off my heart?
How do I evade the fact that I still love you.


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