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Without You

The birds still chirp,
The sun continues to shine;
I can feel the happiness inside,
There are no tears and no more whine.

My smile now reaches my eye,
If I had wings, I would fly;
There is fun and laughter everywhere,
Love, for sure is meant to share.

My eyes do feel brighter,
And life does seem lighter;
Everything seems to go my way,
No more needles and no more hay.

Pride can stand a thousand trials,
But if you're strong you'll never fall;
So its best to face the wind,
And against the rain, stand tall.

But even with the perfect life,
There still seems to be a gap;
Sometimes even a speck of nostalgia,
Can make you feel like utter crap.

It takes two to whisper quietly,
That's when the awkward silence kills;
When I sense the lost love around,
Feelings churn and then silently spills.

All is well until the realisation dawns,
That's when all seems like drags and yawns;
There maybe joy standing in a queue,
Still, life lacks lustre without you.


  1. Joy will get to the head of the queue faster than u think babe :) good one!

  2. Thanks babe... I hope it zooms in soon though :)


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