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Beautiful Lie

Trying to be the iron maiden,
Not letting things to matter;
But when even a tiny scratch occurs,
Everything comes down in a shatter.

I always thought that patience was the key,
I hoped happiness would someday knock;
But now that I have the key,
I can't seem to find the lock.

I refused to accept the obvious,
Have been hiding under a husk;
Before I make it to the dawn,
I seem to come across the dusk.

Its like I've been forced to grow up,
Soaking in the things I've been inflicted upon;
When the heart break and pain is over,
The innocence is usually gone.

Can't figure out whats happening and why,
It just seems like a tragic game;
But the worse thing is,
I don't know whom to blame.

I close my eyes and try to forget the agony,
Try to think of all good things to come by;
But when I wake up and see the truth,
Life just seems like a beautiful lie.


  1. Very true!!
    I just liked - "I don't know whom to blame"..
    Good one Soumya :o)

  2. Thanks... But you just liked one line??

  3. Soumya, please don't pick me wrong!
    That particular line, is what I always feel for things happening in life; I don't really know whether to blame myself or others or fate or nature or God himself!
    On a whole, the theme and presentation is very impressive :o)

  4. Oh.. I guess I read you wrong..
    Thanks so much :)

  5. No Soumya, you didn't read me wrong! Actually, I wrote it wrong.

    Reading my previous post all again, I found that the word 'JUST' gave a converse meaning than what I actually wanted to convey.

    Will be cautious about using 'JUST' in the future. Please don't mind haaan :o)

  6. Haha good that you realised, without me telling it ;)

    Naah, no worries at all. Its all cool..


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