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Fight it out

Life's hard yeah. But whats the point in complaining. I mean like how long do you have to live to figure that out. Like anyone would be totally happy if everything went as they wanted. I'm tired of listening to people around saying "Life sucks", "Damn it, Life's screwed", "Oh boy, Life's hard". Its not like I'm leading a perfection personified life out here. I can think of umpteen instances where I myself have used the mentioned phrases. Took me a while, but I did realise that there is no point complaining or arguing. You just need to accept things that you cant avoid.

So what now if life's hard? Tell me, compared to what? If life sucks, compared to what? Death? What other form of living are we aware of anyway. I've lived through days, months and years of complaining about my life. Blamed everyone possible, screamed out to God and what not. But what happened? Nothing. Now when I look back I feel like ROFL'ing. Stupid, naive, foolish or whatever I was. I just figured out by myself that nothing in life comes easy. You need to fight for every single thing at every single step. And now its become such that, I actually look forward for the fights.

Survival was and never will be easy. Every joy can be followed by a million disappointments. That's life that's it. You just get used to it and look forward hoping that tomorrow will be better. Fate, destiny, karma - maybe. No matter what it is, you still have to live with it right. So its simple, stop cribbing and do something about it. Trust me, no one else is gonna bother about whats happening to you. Its you, you and only you and your tactics to survive.

After all everything that is worth having, is sure enough worth fighting for.


  1. With my personal experience, and reading yours above, I get a strong belief in the saying: "Life is a Battle; Fight it".

    Best Wishes! :o)

  2. A tough battle Prashanth..

    Thanks and good luck to you too!

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