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Last years friendship day had me writing a big list with me thanking all the people whom I thought were my friends. This year I'm tempted to change the norm. I'm gonna be completely honest and only mention the 7 most important people whom I genuinely care about. These are the people whom I love and who I know will stand by me forever. They are used to my madness, they know all the pranks I have up my sleeve and they know each and every reaction of mine. In short these are the only ones who know, why I am the way I am and love me inspite of me being me! That takes a lot of guts guys, Thanks!

Since I'm reducing the population of my life to about 2% I'd rather not mention names here. I wouldn't want to be mauled or haunted you see. So here we go, Happy Friendship Day to the most important people in my life.

1. This person, for keeping me sane and insane. For being my strength and weakness. And most importantly, for being the person who taught me how to love.

2. This person, for being my backbone and my right hand. For standing by my side always, supporting me when I'm right and admonishing me when I'm wrong. This person has been the most constant part of my life and will always be.

3. This person, for being the underdog. The quiet, silent one who has one hell of a sharp memory and awesome listening skills. The only one who listens to my jabbering and puts up with it. The one who hears me out no matter how much it might hurt. And also for being the one whom I genuinely care about.

4. This one, for being my evil twin. Together we are out there to prove that great minds think alike. The same thought crosses both our minds at the same time, and one look at the other and we know what each one is thinking. We don't agree on very few concepts and respect the other for their opinion. Good or bad, life surely would have been dull without this one.

5. Next comes my partner, sweet and highly girlish; something anti me, and I guess the reason why we get along so well is because we complement each other so well. I can pour my heart out to this one and more often than not we have had the same kind of experiences. An awesome person to be with and yes, one of the most goodlooking friend I've ever had.

6. Next is the craziest friend I've ever had. This one is the the only one who gets high without any reason. Madness personified and you will never feel bored for even a second with this one around. Understands my state of mind perfectly and gives me advice that always work. Also, this one is simply here for their world famous "Wave Dance".

7. Last but not the least, the only friend who is also a blood relative. I live with this one and we hate each other. But we love each other more. The times we spend together are awesome and together we can knock down anyone. Extremely possessive of me which can get kinda annoying at times, but I know that as long as this one is around, no harm can befall me.

P.S: I've made sure not to leak out the gender or the nature of the people mentioned above. But I'm sure that who ever will read it will know who they are. And to the people who didn't make it here; sorry, but you simply were not worth it!


  1. For those who didn't make it here; need not be sorry. Coz, they still are your friends. Friends forever!
    Happy Friendship Day! :o)

  2. Oh well not exactly Prashanth..
    Happy Friendship day to you though.. :)

  3. Thanks for the wishes Soumya. That made me feel so special :o)

  4. You're Welcome Prashanth.. Anyone who visits my blog is special :o)

  5. Glad that i met you.. Amazing to be with you.. :D

  6. Well, now, I got the fifth person - your PARTNER; Divya S. Right? :o)

  7. He he.. thank u, thank u [thumbs up] [blush]

  8. Errrr... is it Laugh Out Loud or Life Of Leo? :D

  9. When a guy blushes, it sure is Laugh Out Loud :D

  10. Hmmm.. Soumya, I appreciate you for taking my previous post in the right sense of humor..
    Thanks. :o)

  11. very well written..:)... i totally loved each and every friend's description.... mmmmmmmm .... (my style ;))

  12. and Ya... I too treasure our friendship!! a lot!!


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