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-- want to be happy.
-- wants others to be happy too.
-- want to break free.
-- want to hold on.
-- want to search my soul.
-- doubt if I ever have a soul.
-- am a hopeless romantic.
-- hate conventional love stories.
-- think I'm a good person.
-- know that there is something wrong with me.
-- want to fall in love again.
-- don't want to give myself a chance to love again.
-- am a self obsessed freak.
-- care for someone more than I care about myself.
-- love to spend time with my friends.
-- also know of friends who hate me secretly.
-- can never compliment a girl on face value.
-- know that there are many girls out there who are much much better than me in all ways.
-- love to pen poetry.
-- hate the fact that my niche is poetry.
-- can never judge people right.
-- always form an opinion but never judge.
-- can never blush or act coy.
-- secretly smile when someone makes me feel good.
-- am a very simple person to understand.
-- also lead one hell of a complicated life.
-- think for hours about what has to be done.
-- am the most impulsive person I've ever met.
-- hate flattery.
-- enjoy subtle compliments.
-- hate clingy people.
-- enjoy the fact that I mean so much to someone.
-- cry each time I break a heart.
-- love the fact that so many people love me.
-- know that I act very mature.
-- also know that there is a kid hidden deep down inside me.
-- am a very practical person.
-- am also the most confused person on this planet.


  1. Very difficult task it is to write above oneself. But, I guess you have done it and done well too :o)


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