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Make sure its worth it

You do all you can,
Just to get it right;
Knowing well that it could go wrong,
But still cant imagine that sight.

There always is a slight hope,
Expecting things to come your way;
But the fear always holds on,
What will happen no one can say.

They say be very careful,
When you set your heart on something;
Cos you surely will get it,
Make sure it is your everything.

Its always good to be positive,
But its necessary to see the truth;
You just need to know that,
Not everything comes with ruth.

Desires are dangerous,
Can make you lose your mind;
They can completely take over you,
And envelop you like a rind.

Its not gonna be an endless wait,
You can get there bit by bit;
You just need to make sure,
It definitely was worth it.


  1. To be careful when you set your heart on something is a paradox!. It’s difficult, i would say impossible! no? :)

  2. Haha.. Difficult yes. Not too sure if its impossible though.. Not been there yet! :)

  3. then i would say go for it! with just a hint of carelessness!:)

  4. Haha.. I don't think even the hint is required :D

  5. so you are going to be as careless as you can when you set your heart on something eventually!?:)

  6. Naah.. I said, I'm going in being completely sure. No room for even the hint of carelessness.. :)


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