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Never Look Back

Letting go of the familiar,
Has and will never be easy;
Never let anyone occupy space in your head,
When all you're getting back is something measly.

If something hurt you back then,
But can make you happy now;
Why hold yourself back,
Why make it a thing you lack?

Now nothing can be done,
About the wrongs of the past;
Why dig up a dead horse?
Why carry it till you last?

Its the present that matters,
Not whats happened or what will;
Strive to make today worth living,
Else everything will simply stand still.

If you're confused,
Its better to just not think;
Better to not to do anything,
Rather than do something stupid.

At times ignorance sure is bliss,
Its always better to not know a few things;
Cos once if that's etched in your mind,
The thought of it forever clings.

Its either here or there,
Its all about white or black;
No matter how good or bad,
Its always better to never look back.