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People and Opinions

There is nothing like a good or bad person. People are just people. They are what they are and you just have to figure out a way to get along with them. Why they are the way they are, is something you need to find out if they mean something to you, else it better be left unsaid. No person is the same from birth to death. People change with age, responsibilities and more often than not, situations. Here, its each one to his/her own. One changes only if he/she wants to. You cannot try to change anyone. If you still are keen, well then good luck with it!

Like my friend says, every person is born the same way and is given the same resources. The way they use the resources is what makes them different. Or in my case, weird. Period.

Opinions are something common to every single being. Everyone has one about everything/everyone around. Let it be. No point in losing your sleep over someone's opinion. My best friends and I always have a difference of opinion. Still that doesn't stop us from loving one another. Each person comes with a list tagged to them. The list of their preferences and priorities. No two lists are alike. Close maybe, but definitely not an exact copy. I've learnt to accept other peoples' opinions, but I always go with mine. Even if I screw up things, I have only myself to blame. I don't have to sit and ponder about how things went wrong and who pushed me into it. Opinions and suggestions are like synonyms. Listen to them, but do what you feel like.

Darwin's theory makes sense at times; "Survival of the fittest". In this world, you need to do all you can to survive. Even if it means a battle within yourself.


  1. Soumya, for a moment, have a look at the fingers you used to type this writeup. Are they alike? No two creatures are ever made alike; thats the beauty and power of Nature!

    Do you think life would have been so livelier as it is now if all the beings on this Planet Earth looked, behaved and though alike? To me, definitely not!

    We got to learn to live life its way :o)

  2. I know.. I'm learning.. The hardest way possible..


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