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Sands of Time

Lost in the light of the moon,
I ponder over the course of my life;
At times it was all clear and smooth,
And at times I had to put up a strife.

I've lived in harmony and peace,
Not bothering to live the longest;
Of all the senses known to me,
Memory still remains the strongest.

I have never loved anyone,
So that I could be loved back;
I loved because I wanted to love,
Not to fill in something I lack.

Time heals no wounds,
It only helps it fade;
It also brings into the surface,
Things you're trying to evade.

Try to bring a smile on someone,
Give in all that you can and should;
And when you don't expect anything,
You will be rewarded in good.

Life is meant to be lived,
In summer, winter, spring or rain;
It is a tough learning process,
And it doesn't come without the pain.

The day I've lived enough,
I'll quietly go without a chime;
Leaving behind my footprints,
On the sands of time.


  1. Yes, your are correct, life means, how to live present moment and let live others around you. A good post :-)

  2. Hmmmm, I think its not yet time for what you are thinking.. hope you got my point. Keep smiling :o)

  3. @Prashanth, Naah, I'm still gonna live long :)


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