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Seriously, life never remains the same always. Things change so frantically that a million things have past before you digest the first one. Thankfully things have been quite pleasant for me of late, but as usual something has to be present at the back of your mind which has to jolt you from your happiness at the worst possible time. Sigh! Strange are the ways of life.

Do you all believe in jinx? Well I do. I mean I've begun to. Just when I'm trying to think in a straight(possibly) path, something goes wrong and the focus shifts to other petty things and moves far away from the actual path. Once, twice I can ignore. But when it happens more than twice, you are kinda forced to think that, that path is never meant for you.

Life pushes you towards the path day by day, spinning perfect webs around you. You are so caught up in it that all you see is the distant rainbows and the bright orchids. Some invisible cords pull you towards it and you get lost hoping for a better tomorrow. You fail to notice the wilting roses on the other end, or the drying streams. You just get carried away by the enchanted music and are urged to move forward. But then suddenly something violent strikes you and the cords shatter. The music now turns into screams and the perfectly spun webs now sting you perfectly and you get thrown into the bed of wilted roses whose thorns fail to wilt. The pain pierces through you and you are forced to fill the drying stream of terror. That violent thing is what I call jinx, or in layman's terms, sheer bad luck.

When things really haven't gone the way you want it to, you kind of tend to lose the optimism somewhere. You are always thinking of things that could go wrong, the jinxes that could get in the way or the very dreading thought that what could happen to you if things fall apart. No matter what, at the end of the day each one thinks of thyself. I know I'm sounding oh so prejudiced here, but when what's at stake is so important, there is hardly any room for any kind of error.

They say that, if you are not moving forward you are not going anywhere. I firmly believe that, its better to stay where you are rather than take a step backward. At times life seems like the most unpleasant episode, like a predicament from which you are trying to escape. But again its something you cant run away from. You just have to live, every second. Soaking in everything that comes your way. You need to be saturated enough from the crap that comes your way, to wake up and revolt. I guess I still have a little more room inside me.