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Manipulating Music

This friend of mine always puts up lines or rather verses from uber romantic songs as her status messages. This has been going on since a couple of months. At times it is "If there is someone, its you", "I will do anything for your love", "Love story" and at times it is "You're gonna stand there and watch me burn" or "Beautiful Liar". She's a friend yes, but not someone whom I care for much. But as this practise continued I had to ask her what's going on.

First thought on my mind was that she was in love (yet again!). Phew! The reason I say so is cos she falls in love every two days and with different people for different reasons. None of them reciprocate and she claims that she loses interest in them too. Sigh, I must win a patience award for the number of times I have listened to this. Now you see why I said that she is someone about whom I don't care much. If you thought I was prejudiced, I ain't. I do have reasons for every thing I do or every statement I make.

I too put up a few lines I like or post a blog about my favourite song, but I don't put verses as my status update and change it everyday.

Okay again back to the situation.

Me: Heya, wassup with the status? Seems like someone's in love :D
She: Hello, Oh yeah big time *Blush* *Blush*
Me: (God! Who now?) Wooo that's so cool. Who's he?
She: Its not one but many!! ;)
Me: (Not surprised at all) Good for you lady! But why toggle between happy and sad songs?
She: Don't you get it?
Me: Get what?
She: Awww come on, I said there were many.
Me: (Rolling eyes) So?
She: See, when I fall in love with one its the happy song, when I get bored of him and dispose (I swear, she used that word!)him, its the sad one. When I find the next one its happy and so on..
Me: (Trying to be as sarcastic as I can) That's errr... Gross!??!
She: Noooooo(almost whining), Its awesome you know. I never thought I could be like this.
Me: Ah well, I never thought either! :/
She: Have you ever tried this?
Me: (Wanting to slap her) Happy and sad songs, Yes. But the other thing you do, No.
She: Hehe, Oh come on you're making me sound like a bi*** now ;)
Me: You're glad about that aren't you!?
She: Hmmm, kinda :D
Me: :/ :| :/ :? :|

Well, for those who are perplexed as to what happened let me tell you something. This madam is the exact one whom I introduced here. She lies and lies and lies. I know its tough for people who suffer from an inferiority complex. But trying to hide that using the superiority complex is so not right! Just be happy the way you are. Why make up things and try to shove them down others as well? Sigh, when is she ever gonna learn?


  1. she's gonna learn when they stop making "move on man" fast track type of ads!!:)

    i'm curious though does she return the gifts back? like they show in the advertisement!:)

    ask her ask her

  2. Ah well, I could ask her if there were guys who would do things for her and gift her things..

    She makes up the entire thing actually. There are guys yes, but if there is any love/lust/desperation its only from her side..

    As much as I love the products of Fastrack, I sure do hate their ads!


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