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Mid-Monsoon Vision

Lets watch the sun shine,
Come closer and be mine;
Kiss me as the rays strike,
Hold me and curdle my psych;
Let me feel your heart beat,
That sure is a nice treat;
As I taste your warm breath,
I sure can defeat death;
The rain slightly sprays on us,
We enjoy it without any fuss;
The wetness brings us close,
It smells sweet like a rose;
The whole world comes to a still,
Love overpours causing a spill;
Feelings come right to the brim,
You hold me until the lights dim;
As we watch the sun set,
We think of the day we first met;
It feels like eternity since then,
Its been the perfect why and when;
It soon approaches dusk,
We hide in each others' husk;
You sing your melodious tune,
To the rest of the world then I'm immune;
Finally the night falls,
Our heart beat penetrates the walls;
Then we lie together awake,
Waiting for the next day to break.


  1. oh! being in love and then the pain..... :)

  2. Oh yeah! Don't get me started on it!!

  3. no please that was the not the intention!!:) . the smile is meant to be infectious and life is not meant to be taken so serious !


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