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The way YOU make me FEEL

You're not an actor,
Nor are you a star;
You don't own a mansion,
Or drive a fancy car;
But my love is not a material,
Or something that I want to trade;
I love you for what you are,
And not for a score or grade.

You're not the one who can charm,
Or the one for flattery and praise;
You're not the one for constant sweet talk,
Or the one to use a cheeky phrase;
Love maybe blind,
But it surely has sense,
What I feel for you,
Is something deeply intense.

You may not be drop dead gorgeous,
Or the one with a sculpted bod;
You may not ooze magnetism,
Or epitomise the Greek God;
But when you smile,
You light up my life;
And when you sing to me,
Its worth all the strife.

You're presence around me,
Takes me to higher highs;
Nothing else matters then,
With you, I feel like I'm in the skies;
No matter where you are,
Somewhere close or far apart;
You are the only one,
Who has voyaged to the centre of my heart.

You may not be perfect,
But you are somewhere close;
You're like an intoxicating drug,
Of which I have an over dose;
My love for you is precious,
Its something I want to forever seal;
I am in love with you,
For the way you make me feel.