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Blown UP!

Intoxicating, maddening Charming, real and true These are the words Best used to describe you Your smooth and pure Like the finest of wine Love seems to be at its best Only when you are mine Haziness sure is a word When it comes to you and me No matter how blur or cloudy You, my eyes can always see Mystical and enchanting That's how your aura is Morning, noon or night Its always been pure bliss I don't need a venom shot When your touch does the trick When it comes to you I sure am love sick Tequila, vodka or the finest rum I'll choose you over them gladly You are a natural alcohol To whom I'm addicted madly I can celebrate any day with you With a champagne flute, or a coffee cup I don't need any other highs When your love can blow me up

You and I

Yes, you and I are different But we are not like pro and con If that were to be the case Our love would have long gone You are not the perfect guy Nor am I the impeccable girl But only you can give me goose bumps And skillfully make my toes curl You are down to earth And I am the blazing fire But together we evoke All the nine parts of desire You don't have to do anything Still my love seems to multiply in herds You sure are the master of voices But you make me the mistress of words You may be the charging bull And I the roaring lioness dame But if anyone reads both our hearts Words they find will be the same I was supposed to purr and roar Kill and prance around in glee But look at what I now have become Only you could have tamed me I can so easily get lost in your eyes You drive me crazy with your wild side At times you seem like a mystery Showing me so much, yet so much to hide

What should I call you?

Should I call you hope? Cos you give me a reason to live You are the reason for my existence For whom anything I can give Should I call you faith? Cos you make me want to breathe For you I can go on And achieve even a impossible feat Should I call you love? That's the word most associated with you The most purest of feelings That comes only when I think of you Should I call you joy? That's what you bring into my life Only you can make me feel That its all worth the strife Should I call you peace? Cos only you can soothe my mind You take me to this perfect place Where always we shall bind Should I call you life? Cos you are what I'm living Even when it seems to come to an end I can sustain by re-living Should I call you me? Or the most important part of me? Cos for my happiness closet You, my love, are the key!

The OFF Button

Yesterday clearly has been one of the toughest days of my life. The previous night I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night over a bad dream. I dreamt that someone close to me had passed away and I'm crying loudly. From that point on I've been seeing invisible visions of everyone I love going away from me. I'm only human and this is natural. And hence the 'Turn me Blind' post. It was written out of pure frustration and unadulterated madness. The accompanying mood swings didn't help it either. So I'd be staying away from blogspot during my mad mood swings or anything like frustration galore. Although I feel relieved when I write it first, I feel extremely stupid when I go back and read it later. Its happened way too many times before and I think the time has come for it to stop. And the time starts now! So I was talking about the damned dream that I had. But when I woke up I realized that what I had felt was a deja-vu. An aunt of mine had passed away tha


SORRY!! I have been getting a lot of complaints from people regarding the new template. Although everyone loved it, they say that they are not able to leave a comment due to the new layout. On doing some trial and error I figured out that the error occurs at the word verification page. Normally I would have changed the template, but I'm way too much in love with this one to get rid of it so easily. So I've done some modifications so that the word verification step is skipped, and you people will be directly able to post the comments after signing in. I received a few comments now and I reckon its working fine. So people please go ahead and leave your comments. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. So much for that damned coffee cup. Hmmph!! If any of you face any more problems, please do write to me at the usual I'll try to fix it, else I'll get rid of the template altogether. After all my viewers are more important than anything I fancy!

Turn me Blind

Just when I was getting used to the solitude, the mind kicked in. I had made a compromise with life, accepting to take anything that comes my way as long as the people I care about are happy. It was a deal I had with God. God seemed to be more than happy with this arrangement and showered me with crap in the form of stress, ill health, anxiety, fake friends, annoying people, additional work, pain, pain and more pain. I put up with all of it, not complaining once. Not asking for anything else. But everything seems to be going awry now. The mind is the most terrible place to be in. The visions I'm seeing of late have left me paralysed. Its like being plunged by a million knives at a million places. Before I realize the pain in one place, I get another spasm. Aren't anti-depressants supposed to work? They don't seem to be working anymore. My mind is taking a course of its own and my heart is helplessly watching, killing me on the outside. The visions I'm seeing has left me


In a hazy pool I peer and peer I think I see you there Your breath I can hear Amidst the cloud of smoke I see your faint shadow My eyes cant believe if its true Is that really you? Its warm all around I'm engulfed in your soot Show yourself to me Don't be so mute As I grope thin air I feel your touch on my hand And then you turn around All beautiful there you stand The intoxicating smoke Feels like fragrance now Binding us together Like how once it was love I can taste the smoke As your lip finds mine Its feels bitterly good Even finer than fine The hot burning stick Still remains in your hold Streaks of smoke have replaced me Or so I'm told I can care no less Cos for you I'd give up my beliefs Flaming, burning or smoking For you I'd put up with all griefs There we stand still None of us even spoke But if this is how we meet I can wish for more smoke


- Danger - Disaster - Devastating - Drugs - Devil - Desperate - Derail - Deprive - Delusion - Depression - Dreadful - Decompose - Demean - Debt - Disgust - Defeat - Disdain - Deny - Disintegrate - Drown - Dry Death. Desire.

New Colors of Life

There are sequels to book, sequels to movies. We all know that I'm a bit unconventional so I'm bringing up a sequel to my earlier poem. This poem has been very close to my heart. It gave me the confidence to continue my poetry and according to me its one my best till date. And like any book or movie, the prequel is always better than the sequel. Feeling blue , I seem to move on without a clue; Fighting my way through things, And mingling with the old and new. Feeling green , Finally realising what love does mean; Its all about patience and hope, If you want it to bring a sheen. Feeling yellow , Life is like a sweet journey through jello; At times it sounds rough and scary, And at times its like the tunes of a cello. Feeling red, As I lie musing upon my bed; It all feels like a crumpled jumble, That has to be held together by a thread. Feeling lime , Life seems to be chanting a chime; I wanna live to the fullest, I will cos its surely not a crime. Feeling white , It the end i

Can two wounded hearts, heal each other?



A recurring dream. Hallucination. A Miracle. He ran, swift like the wind. She only caught a glimpse of him. He seemed to be teasing her, as he skipped across and around her. He was extremely agile, fleeting through the thin air. He moved in rapid, hasty motions refusing to let her steal a look. It seemed beyond belief to her, almost vampire'ish. Even when he was out of sight, she could hear his breath. His heart beat. It was the most beautiful rhythm she had heard. She strained her eyes to look into the darkness. She could hear him but not see. He giggled, on seeing her frustration. That was music to her ears. She smiled. She felt a warm gust of wind as he just brushed right behind her. She felt his touch. Cold, really cold. Somehow it seemed to warm her. It enveloped her, leaving her longing for more. She could feel him behind her. Was this really happening? She felt a warm light around her, penetrating , piercing. And then she turned around. There was nothing but the dark. Still.

Its the Presence

I'm bored. Damn bored. My beloved system at work has been following its owner and is acting all disoriented. It seems to be booting, rebooting, booting, rebooting in an infinite loop. Strange are the ways of technology! Anyway, been ages since I wrote some heart felt poetry. I just got into my musing mode and out this came. Ah well, you never know. The mind still works :D As I wake up to his reflection, The sun seems to shine bright; I can't help but smile, Somehow it all feels right. It all stands strong, Across a twilight dim; Others may have seen angels, But I'm content having seen him. A bell is not a bell, Until you can ring it; You cannot know what love is, Until you have felt it. Time is too slow for those who wait, Too fast for those who fear; But time seems worthwhile, Only when you have someone near. Whatever our souls are made of, His and mine are of the same; This one is never called off, Even if love was a game. He's the poetry to my senses, And the shape o


At times, the silliest of things brings with it cart loads of realisations. Why am I doing this? Why do I have to do this? Why do I put up with people whom I hardly care about? Why should I be answerable to anyone? I'm 24 years old. Strong, independent and confident. Foolish at times, but I've always found my way around things. The arrogance in me which is long gone, refuses to come back. Even for the right reasons. Patience, sigh! I can't figure out when and how I conquered it. At times I wonder why too. Have I reached the saturation point? Have I reached a stage where nothing is gonna bother me anymore? Seriously, I need to be the one who should be capable of answering these questions. I just cant digest the questions, let alone try to answer them. I thought the change was for good. Or maybe it is good and that I just need to strike a balance between the pre-change and post-change. Maybe I just need to weigh out the right's and wrong's properly. I guess that's