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At times, the silliest of things brings with it cart loads of realisations. Why am I doing this? Why do I have to do this? Why do I put up with people whom I hardly care about? Why should I be answerable to anyone? I'm 24 years old. Strong, independent and confident. Foolish at times, but I've always found my way around things. The arrogance in me which is long gone, refuses to come back. Even for the right reasons. Patience, sigh! I can't figure out when and how I conquered it. At times I wonder why too. Have I reached the saturation point? Have I reached a stage where nothing is gonna bother me anymore?

Seriously, I need to be the one who should be capable of answering these questions. I just cant digest the questions, let alone try to answer them. I thought the change was for good. Or maybe it is good and that I just need to strike a balance between the pre-change and post-change. Maybe I just need to weigh out the right's and wrong's properly. I guess that's what it is.

Okay balance; cammon buddy, Where art thou?


  1. you have lost arrogance, you have lost the impatient nature in you.

    Against what would you weigh the balance? You need some counter weight to attain balance right.

  2. @Indira, I agree. Working on it!
    @Stone, Duh! I need to get back a few things from the pre-change part and then balance out..

  3. well , then you would be going back!! back to a place that made you lose your balance in the first place!!

  4. Hmmm true.. but better to go back a li'l than to fall all the way down.

    I'm not gonna dwell out there. I know I have those qualities in me still, but I've locked it deep somewhere. They just need to come out in moderate amounts now and at the right times.. That's what I need to balance..


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