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Blown UP!

Intoxicating, maddening
Charming, real and true
These are the words
Best used to describe you

Your smooth and pure
Like the finest of wine
Love seems to be at its best
Only when you are mine

Haziness sure is a word
When it comes to you and me
No matter how blur or cloudy
You, my eyes can always see

Mystical and enchanting
That's how your aura is
Morning, noon or night
Its always been pure bliss

I don't need a venom shot
When your touch does the trick
When it comes to you
I sure am love sick

Tequila, vodka or the finest rum
I'll choose you over them gladly
You are a natural alcohol
To whom I'm addicted madly

I can celebrate any day with you
With a champagne flute, or a coffee cup
I don't need any other highs
When your love can blow me up


  1. Love gives a high, the most everlasting of all..well written!

  2. Thanks wild.. Everlasting high indeed..


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