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I have been getting a lot of complaints from people regarding the new template. Although everyone loved it, they say that they are not able to leave a comment due to the new layout. On doing some trial and error I figured out that the error occurs at the word verification page.

Normally I would have changed the template, but I'm way too much in love with this one to get rid of it so easily. So I've done some modifications so that the word verification step is skipped, and you people will be directly able to post the comments after signing in.

I received a few comments now and I reckon its working fine. So people please go ahead and leave your comments. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. So much for that damned coffee cup. Hmmph!!

If any of you face any more problems, please do write to me at the usual I'll try to fix it, else I'll get rid of the template altogether. After all my viewers are more important than anything I fancy!


  1. Hehe! Totally, completely, absolutely love the new template! :)

    Apparently, this is the comment I have been trying to put up here from few days. ;)

  2. Aww thanks :)

    I guess its working fine now...


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