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A recurring dream.


A Miracle.

He ran, swift like the wind. She only caught a glimpse of him. He seemed to be teasing her, as he skipped across and around her. He was extremely agile, fleeting through the thin air. He moved in rapid, hasty motions refusing to let her steal a look. It seemed beyond belief to her, almost vampire'ish. Even when he was out of sight, she could hear his breath. His heart beat. It was the most beautiful rhythm she had heard. She strained her eyes to look into the darkness. She could hear him but not see. He giggled, on seeing her frustration. That was music to her ears. She smiled. She felt a warm gust of wind as he just brushed right behind her. She felt his touch. Cold, really cold. Somehow it seemed to warm her. It enveloped her, leaving her longing for more.

She could feel him behind her. Was this really happening? She felt a warm light around her, penetrating , piercing. And then she turned around. There was nothing but the dark. Still. No motion.

She ran, blindly into the night. Never wanting once to escape this quagmire. She felt fettered, but his breath held her on. She dragged along the invisible path, searching, trying to hold him. All she found was thin air. She fell, and she heard a choke. Yes, he was watching her! She knew he was near, very near. And then she saw the faint trace of the bright light she has seen earlier. She felt powerful. Engulfed in a hazy trance. She took baby steps, following the light. He seemed to lead her to someplace. It didn't matter. She was more than willing to be led. Hypnotised, charmed.

Slowly the light disappeared and she was lost. Again. The wind blew her hair and suddenly for once she felt the fear. Then he was right behind her, digesting her presence. He ran his cold fingers down her arm. She felt the chill. He breathed right into her hair, devouring the fragrance. He pushed her hair back craving to reach his favorite place, the slope of her neck. He lowered his mouth down to it and she waited for the sting. The shrill pain. It did sting, but only deep in her heart. It was like she was waiting for this moment all her life. She stood paralyzed, as he stepped in front of her, to face her. Enthralled, she looked up at him in the now glowing light.

There he stood in all his glory. He was one of the most beautiful things that she had ever seen. She raised her hand to his face. She ran her slender fingers down his chiseled cheek and sharp chin. Only wanting to know that the moment was real. It felt like heaven, immense pleasure. He stood gazing at her with his deep eyes trying to penetrate her soul. As she held his gaze she felt weak in her knee. Possessed. This, this is all she wanted. He was all that she wanted. He blew her hair away from her face. He held her strong at her waist never wanting to let her go. He ran his lips across her cheeks. Enchanted. She held him tight, wanting to surrender. The mild cold breeze was still there. Non platonic. He now looked right into her dark eyes and felt her lips. Then time stood still.




The dream stays.


  1. very nice ,very nice !!:)

    recurring dreams also include events like finding lost items or finding new room's in ones house!!!:)

    and i get such dreams!! :( . alas , no svelte babe in my dreams!!!! but then svelte babes are overrated i guess !!!!!:)

  2. Thanks!!

    Oh poor you, but don't blame the babes on this one..

  3. claps claps!! now i know why u r my co-author

  4. Thanks love :).. Lets plan our venture soon..

  5. nah. babes are babes how can i blame them ! :)


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