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Its the Presence

I'm bored. Damn bored. My beloved system at work has been following its owner and is acting all disoriented. It seems to be booting, rebooting, booting, rebooting in an infinite loop. Strange are the ways of technology!

Anyway, been ages since I wrote some heart felt poetry. I just got into my musing mode and out this came. Ah well, you never know. The mind still works :D

As I wake up to his reflection,
The sun seems to shine bright;
I can't help but smile,
Somehow it all feels right.

It all stands strong,
Across a twilight dim;
Others may have seen angels,
But I'm content having seen him.

A bell is not a bell,
Until you can ring it;
You cannot know what love is,
Until you have felt it.

Time is too slow for those who wait,
Too fast for those who fear;
But time seems worthwhile,
Only when you have someone near.

Whatever our souls are made of,
His and mine are of the same;
This one is never called off,
Even if love was a game.

He's the poetry to my senses,
And the shape of my soul;
Its all been already written,
Now you just have to play the role.

Things may seem different,
But there always will be the essence;
Sometimes I feel that,
I'm just fascinated by his presence.

Tried out a new format too, but I kinda like the routine old stuff better!


  1. strange are the ways of technology!? i would say strange are the ways of love! :)

  2. Wow! its very very good, I think after such a long time you write a such a great one.

  3. @Stone, I've mentioned that in almost all posts of mine, so decided to skip that here. Thanks for bringing it up :)

    @Venkat, very very thank you :)

  4. he he he.....ok and thanks for the back handed compliment! :)

  5. So I guess we have an Indiana Stones here :P

  6. more like indiana weary stones!! :)

  7. You cannot know what love is,
    Until you have felt it.

    Absolutely correct !

    Landed here clicking the related posts :D


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