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In a hazy pool
I peer and peer
I think I see you there
Your breath I can hear
Amidst the cloud of smoke
I see your faint shadow
My eyes cant believe if its true
Is that really you?

Its warm all around
I'm engulfed in your soot
Show yourself to me
Don't be so mute
As I grope thin air
I feel your touch on my hand
And then you turn around
All beautiful there you stand

The intoxicating smoke
Feels like fragrance now
Binding us together
Like how once it was love
I can taste the smoke
As your lip finds mine
Its feels bitterly good
Even finer than fine

The hot burning stick
Still remains in your hold
Streaks of smoke have replaced me
Or so I'm told
I can care no less
Cos for you I'd give up my beliefs
Flaming, burning or smoking
For you I'd put up with all griefs

There we stand still
None of us even spoke
But if this is how we meet
I can wish for more smoke


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