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Did he know?

Did he know I thought about him when I woke up each morning, as I drifted to sleep each night, and most of the time in between; and that even when I was not consciously thinking about him, I continually sensed the presence of his love within me?

Did he know that the best pleasure that I used to get was to steal glances at his face; and that I said little prayers over him asking for sweet serenity to always grace his countenance?

Did he know he went to places in my heart and mind where no one had ever gone before; and that I exposed the totality of my self - the good, the bad, and the ugly - because I had such complete and utter trust in his love for me?

Did he know I admired the way he cared for his family, friends, and anyone in need, and accepted everyone without judgement or criticism?

Did he know he was the best friend I ever had, and the bond between us had a depth and breadth that could not be severed by anything?

Did he know I thanked God daily for intersecting the winding roads of our lives so that my life might be forever changed by the touch of his spirit; and that I believed God sent him to love me, lift me, and lead me to a better place emotionally and spiritually?

Did he know I loved him profoundly and unconditionally, not just for his loveliness, personality, smartness or intelligence (all of which I adored), but more for the grace and goodness that defined his essence to me; and that I marveled at how I was drawn to his gentle warmth, like flowers to the morning sun?

And I wonder if he knows that I love him still, not less for the passing of yesterdays without him, but more for knowing what will be missing from all my tomorrows; and that it helps me, when I contemplate the harshness of life in this unyielding world, to remember that out there somewhere is a rare and precious soul - and he loved me.


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