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For the Reader

One my techno geek friends has started a website for all the technical things under the sun. He is an immaculate techno genius. He wanted a book review sub-domain for his site and so guess whom he approached :D. I was interested yes, but was petrified that I had to review some informational or programming books. The last I read or even saw one of those books were about three years ago! But it turns out that he wanted a reviewer for the "normal" books. Like fiction, romance and the other crap I read. And so we came up with The Ledge.

For those who like reading and want an idea of how the book is, please visit 'The Ledge'. And yes, you can even post your own review once you sign up! So please do pitch in your comments and I assure you 'The Ledge' is a cool place to hang out if you have a passion for books.


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