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Love Actually

I like the way you think
It always seems to engage me
You are larger than life size
That's what my eyes see

Its written in the wind
Its everywhere I go
The chant of my heart
The world seems to know

You are committed to my memory
Like the music that helps me move
Sometimes you help me shed a tear
And sometimes you get me to groove

In the story of my life
You play the lead role
Your smile tingles my heart
Your sincerity kisses my soul

The bitter sweet emotions
Never seem to leave me
Images unfolding every time
The time when you and I were we

If God had made you first
There would be no need for sunshine
Its always an amusing scary thought
Your future links intricately with mine

I write and say a lot
But everything I say is true
Nothing can surpass the feeling
Of being loved by you