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I maybe troubled and messed today
But I know I'll be okay tomorrow
I can feel the happiness within
Deep down till my marrow

I know that things didn't work out
But I'm proud that I tried
I want to erase the short comings
And forget the days that I cried

I believe I'm a survivor
I've got past the worst of pain
In my parched barren life
I now see droplets of rain

There is joy, meaning and color
There even seems to be new flavors
The thorns which once pierced me
Is now giving birth to flowers

I can see the onset of something new
Its giving me solid reasons to live
Love sure is only the beginning
From there I have more to achieve

The period next to the misery is gone
It is now replaced by a comma
I'm gonna alter the script of my life
And its never gonna be a tragic drama

The black and white phase is changing
Now there is more purple, blue and yellow
Chocolates, coffee, tequila and vodka
Intoxicating, making me feel merrily mellow

I had to change my point of view
To see differently along the sky line
No matter what happens from now on
I know that I'll be just fine


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