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Music & Lyrics

Not a moment passes
Without you coming to my mind
Even when I slam my eyes shut
Only you I can find

My every breath smells of you
Every beat echoes your touch
The world seems to be filled with reasons
As to why I love you so much

Your voice gives me the strength to live
Without that I'd be long gone
At times I just want to go off
But your memories switch me back on

My thoughts about you have always been clear
Pristine, transparent and pure like dew
I need your love for survival
I choke on life without you

Its been more than half a decade
But our love still stays fresh and new
I now have come to believe
There is no getting over you

Every small thing is linked to you
Your thoughts can never set me free
No matter what ever I do
I see you when I see me

I can no more wear this armor
I'm tired of all the smiling tricks
Please come back to me my love
Cos you're the music to my lyrics