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My Better Halves

The Rhapsodic Blabbermouth

She's called Sia. Often recognised by constant hyper jabbering. She loves to talk and at times it feels like that's her only purpose in life. Blah blah blah. But when there are people who listen she doesn't understand why she is termed as talkative. She's feminine when compared to Shona and Soumya, but there still is a certain warmth about her. She thinks right and knows how to live life. She falls every time Shona takes over, but she is capable of picking herself up and walking back in line. She's practical and patient with a zest for life. Independent and with a fierce appetite for reading. Shopping, fashion and gossip tops her list. She's sweet and equally listens when someone else is talking. The only problem with her is that once she starts talking, its tough to get her to stop. This has got her into trouble way too many times. She might not even care where the other person is. It doesn't matter if they are at a work place, shopping, eating or any public place. She only wants someone to hear her out. She knows that's not a good thing, and has decided to work on it, i.e cut down on her talking. Here's wishing her good luck for that.

The Lovelorn Butterfly

Introducing Shona. The hopeless, shameless romantic whose life revolves around one word 'Love' and one man. They say that for a person to be happy, their heart and mind should be in sync and should understand each other. But for Shona, her heart and mind were dead enemies. They fail to get along with each other. Always. Every single time. Shona can be the synonym for 'Alice' of 'Alice in Wonderland'. She has her own palace planned in her mind along with her perfectly loving Prince Charming. Foolish to a certain extent, she believes that as long as there is love, nothing else is required. Absolutely nothing. Forgets the rest of her circle and everything around her is linked to her love. Every song, every voice, every color, every scent, everything. She's paranoid about all things around her. Every step of hers is calculated so as to not worry or hurt the one she loves. A constant dreamer who always dreams of a perfect ending. Complete with the kiss and happily ever after. She's adamant and not the one to change. She dominates both Soumya and Sia, and is known to take them down every single time.

The Baffled Domestic Lioness

This would be Soumya, or better known as me. Sia had to fight her tongue, Shona had to fight her mind and heart; but I have to battle both Sia and Shona. They tear me apart, but I love them both. My body is a nice place for them to live in, and in turn they provide me entertainment for a life time. We can never be good friends but we have reached the place where can put up with each other. I adore the loyalty and sincere madness of Shona and I like the confidence and philosophy of Sia. I'm trying hard to accommodate them at the right places. Sia is subtle and easy to handle, but Shona is moronic and prefers to stay zombie like, chanting love hymns. The headstrong me has problems with it, but there is little I can do when it comes to her. So I'm living, trying to strike a perfect balance between all three of us.

P.S: I'm not schizophrenic.
P.S 2: MPD is present in everyone. Very few know it.


  1. Tell me your dreams 2 by Soumya Prasad.

    After all, Sidney Sheldon has got aN EFFICIENT successor to be proud of! :D

  2. @Chandrika, haha you just made my day :)

    @Stranger, Thanks, so do the other two :D


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